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The Wulff Projects

When I first met Gary, I also met his circle of friends, Gary always had friends, not business associates or else, just friends. One of those friends was Jeffrey Pill of Miracle Productions. Producer of Successful Fly Fishing Strategies with Gary and Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting,  – I was hanging out with some pretty cool folks. These many years later – along comes The Wulff Projects.

The Wulff Projects consists of three parts:

1. biography of Lee Wulff   (link to further descriptions with the pictures)

2. biography of Joan Wulff  (link to further descriptions with pictures)

3. the Best of Lee Wulff films –  

As Jeff says:

“These films will be biographies, rather than fishing films, the stories of Lee and of Joan’s lives are exceptional and inspiring and I’m glad we’re going to be able to show and tell each of their amazing paths to great achievements.”  

the Book Mailer tells me this “Project” is something exceptional. The roll out for the Wulff Project is three-fold. First Lee’s biography followed by Joan’s and finally Lee’s films in a digitalized collection.

When I talk to Jeff about this project, we get so sidetracked by the personal details of Lee and Joan’s lives that will be shared, I get goosebumps. American modern made fly fishing history coming to life. We’ll keep you posted.

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