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Uniform Sink Leaders


The best way to describe how the Uniform-Sink Leader fishes is to picture using it on a lake with a floating line. When it is cast out it fishes at a 45 degree angle from the end of the floating line. It does the same thing in rivers but is harder to envision because of the effect of moving water. The Uniform Sinking Leader is a great nymph leader and pulled streamer patterns down those few extra inches that make all the difference.

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The enjoyment of being able to fish at different levels of the water column and not having to worry about the difficulty of casting a sink tip fly line is a big bonus. Casting furled leaders puts a smile on your face and makes your day of fishing fare more productive.

Leaders out of the package are three feet shorter than the listed lengths. The theory ie: is with tippet, the leader would then be 8 foot in length. Tipper size and length are interchangeable to the fly fisher’s needs.

Additional information

Rod-Tippet Size

5-7weight, 3x to 6x tippets, 6-8 weight, 2x to 5x tippets


8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft


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