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LaFontaine Sparkle yarn was introduced with his Sparkle Pupa fly patterns in 1972. Gary’s yarn was very simple and a common knitting yarn of the time. The blend Gary used was 20-38% “nylon” with acrylic. Over the years the knitting industry has evolved to a 100% acrylic product and that is why is it so hard to find “original” sparkle yarn. Gary ran large production runs on 4 colors: olive, brown, light gray and golden russet. The rest of his inventory relied on common knitting yarn which is pretty scarce even here at the Book Mailer.


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We continue to monitor the market and research options for finding ways to expand this unique blend of yarn.

The “antron” is the type nylon in Gary’s blend. It is tri-lobal, or three-sided, which creates the effectivness of his patterns. The reflection of light via a three sided clear strand that runs thru the pattern in certain parts of the fly pattern attracts fish.

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White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Ginger, Apple Green, Olive, Brown Sparkle, Golden Russet, All Colors

All Colors

Black, White, Golden Russet, Apple Green, Olive, Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Ginger/Tan


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