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The second series of pure fly NZ set a new benchmark in fly fishing entertainment. Each of the 8 episodes follows a pair of passionate Kiwi anglers as they explore the stunning rivers, lakes and waterways of New Zealand. 180 minutes.

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This series makes extensive use of aerial filming, super slow motion cameras, time-lapse photography and of course, the jaw-dropping natural beauty of New Zealand’s amazing back country to capture the true essence of the Kiwi fly fishing experience.

The highly anticipated second series of PURE FLY NZ. New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, capturing the imagination of anglers across the globe. Extensively exploring both the North & South Island the series flows through a collection of adventures that capture the Kiwi fly fishing experience. A North Island roadie, rafting the back country on the East Cape, chasing Winter canal trout in the McKenzie Country, willow grubbers in Southland and gigantic mouse-eating Fiordland trout! With nearly 3 hours of epic footage, this DVD will no doubt satisfy all those with an insatiable appetite for pure fly fishing action!


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