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A fascination with modern geospatial techniques and limestone led retired army engineer officer Patrick C. Wentz on a quest to discover the limestone creeks of Pennsylvania. The result is a directory of Pennsylvania limestone creeks that fly fishers, water conservationists, and geologists will find indispensable. Wentz’s work is an informative guide for anyone interested in trout, geology, or limestone—and for anyone looking for a lovely and productive place to fish. Softeover; 5.5×8.5 inches; 120 pages.

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A limestone trout creek is one of nature’s most amazing balancing acts. The water temperature should be lower than seventy degrees Fahrenheit to attract trout. Nutrients released by the limestone promote plant growth, which attracts small aquatic life, which in turn attract trout. These are the ideal conditions Wentz sought in creeks and streams throughout Pennsylvania.
In all, Pennsylvania Limestone Trout Creeks covers the locations, water temperature, and alkalinity of 169 limestone creeks in thirty-three Pennsylvania counties. Using rigorous analytical methodology, Wentz provides grid designations detailing creek locations. He pairs those with detailed descriptions of each creek and a determination of its potential to sustain a trout population.


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