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LaFontaine Fly Tying DVD’s


These videos are the best references on tying LaFontaine patterns. Not only do you have excellent tyers, Al and Gretchen Beatty and Paul and Char Simpson, showing the best methods to tie Gary’s patterns, but you have Gary giving great commentary on each fly.

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LaFontaine 1 – Includes Aft Sparkle, Twist Nymph, Duck Butt Dun, Were Wulff, Marabou Worm, Halo Mayfly Emerger, Diving Water Boatman, Plain Jane, Tear Drop Nymph, EZ2C Caddis, Improved Buzz Ball, Deer Hair Wooly, Lady Heather & Diving BWO, Egg Layer.

LaFontaine 2 – Includes Natural Drift Stonefly, PT Twist Nymph, Enchanted Prince, Creature, Firecracker, Cricket, Flex Hopper, Slider, Drop Nose Minnow & Double Caterpillars.

LaFontaine 3 – Includes Mess, Foam Spider, Foam Ant, Bread, Occasion, Clear Wing Spinner, Drowned Trico, Shroud, Marabou Egg, Flex Damsel, Diving Egg Laying Midge & Black June.

LaFontaine 4 – Includes EZ2C Mayfly, Drunken Sailor, Roll Over Scud, Missouri River Sow Bug, Variegated Midge Larva, Dancing Caddis, Antron Serendipity, Enchanted Royal Double Wing, Hair Sucker, Fluttering Stone & Flame Thrower. 

LaFontaine 5 – Includes Gray Coughlin, Black Fly Larva, EZ2C Stonefly, Floating Caddis Larva, Antron Parachute, Halo Midge Emerger, EZ2C Midge, Ghost Wing Were Wulff, House Fly, Bristle Leech & Flex Sculpin.

LaFontaine 6 – Includes Deer Hair Hornet, Bead Head Deep Sparkle Pupa, Flex Muddler, Rollover Mysis Shrimp, Flex Hex, Antron Flashback, Black-eyed Sparking Hares Ear, Stub wing Bucktail, Improved Foam Inch Worm, Double Magic Soft hackle, Foam Beetle, Flying Ant & Snow Stone.

LaFontaine 7 – Includes Spruce Moth, Cat’s Ear, Sparkling Hares Ear, Crane Fly Larva, Cone Head E M Leech, Silver Bicolor, White Deer Hair Moth, Floating Flex Crayfish, Peacock Bugger, Antron Bivisible & Twist Nymph (crested). 

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LaFontaine Fly Tying DVD's

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