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LaFontaine Dry Flies


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Double Wing

Duck Butt Dun, PMD

EZ2C Caddis Fly

Gray Coughlin

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The Theory of Attraction was one of the center points of The Dry Fly — New Angles. The Double Wing series of dry flies is designed to work within that theory.
There are eight important color variations: Brown = early evening; Gray = overcast days; Lime = afternoon; Orange = dusk; Pink Lady = early morning; Royal = brightest sun with glare on water; White = shaded areas; Yellow = midday. (p. 168 of Trout Flies Proven Patterns)

The Duck Butt Dun is a Comparadun pattern with a shuck of Cul de Canard fibers. It is a variation designed for the fussiest ifsh.

The EZ2C Caddis pattern was designed to be used in low light situations. The top wing stands up slightly to ro present a visible silhouette.

The Gray Coughlin is a favorite “drab searcher” when flies are feeding on a general variety of insects. It will work best at those times when no on insect dominated the hatch. The warmer brown highlights work in the late afternoon and evening light. 

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Dry Fly Patterns

Double Wing, Yellow #12, Double Wing, Pink Lady #12, Double Wing, Pink Lady #16, Double Wing, Gray #14, Duck Butt Dun PMD #12, EZ2C Caddis, Green #12, EZ2C Caddis, Green #14, Gray Coughlin #12, Gray Coughlin #14, Gray Coughlin #16


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