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Floating Furled Leaders


An ancient idea. Modern materials. Put them together and you have the finest leader for dry fly fishing and shallow water nymphing. The Furled Leader is absolutely the greatest design for transmitting power between the fly line and the tippet. It allows the angler to cast accurately and delicately with slack line presentations in all conditions at varying distances.

Leaders out of the package are three feet shorter than the listed lengths. The theory ie: is with tippet, the leader would then be 8 foot in length. Tipper size and length are interchangeable to the fly fisher’s needs.

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 Casting with furled leaders puts a smile on your face and
makes your day of fishing far more productive as well as enjoyable!

Improve your casting presentation with The Fly Fisher’s Furled Leaders (handmade in Olympia, WA). These leaders are amazing. They’re solid, don’t spray water, transmit power and turn over the fly beautifully. Even in windy conditions. And since they’re woven tighter than other furled leaders, you get a very quiet, soft landing. Strong, powerful, accurate.

They are tapered and the materials and construction of this leader gives three times the life expectancy versus regular tapered leaders. They are quite different than a braided leader which is made around a hollow core. The furling is accomplished by twisting and looping monofilament around itself, so it has no hollow core and picks cleanly off the water leaving no “rooster tail”.

The creator George Beech searched high and low for the perfect metal ring to eliminate loop closing and accidental clipping of the loop when making tippet changes. It’s very tiny but strong and has incredible break strength, but is still light enough to be used on a floating leader. It is highly unnoticeable, makes for easier tippet changes, and extends the life of the leader.

To eliminate confusion that some customers have voiced, these are the same leaders that Feather-Craft carries. Since George and Gary were friends, we’ve been proud to carry George’s leaders for many years.

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Rod - Tippet size

2-4 weight, 5x to 8x tippet, 5 -7weight, 3x to 6x tippets, 6-8 weight, 2x to 5x tippets


8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft


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