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Macduff Brooks wants to return to his earlier existence as Florida law professor Maxwell Hunt. Depressed after his wife El died in a terrifying boating accident on the Snake River in Wyoming, Hunt increasingly accepted “special work” for a federal agency. softcover; 6×9 inches; 304 pages.

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He was nearly killed in Guatemala and reported as having died of a stroke. He was placed in a federal protection program with a new identity as a fly fishing guide and a new home in Montana. But he cannot escape his Guatemalan assailants who doubt that he died. A client is killed on his drift boat and his cabin is rigged to be bombed, neither of which help a new relationship with a New York investment banker lady who owns a ranch next to his cabin.

About the Author:
M.W. Gordon
 taught international law for four decades at the University of Florida, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, London School of Economics, Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City, Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala, and the University of Frankfurt. He has authored dozens of books and articles, and traveling widely lecturing for the State Department and Council on Foreign Relations.

Changing focus, he stopped teaching, built a wooden drift boat named Osprey, and became a fly fishing guide. He divides his time between the salt-marsh flats below St. Augustine, Florida, and the creeks and rivers of Wyoming and Montana. He has floated Osprey numerous times, including rescuing a father and young children after their over-loaded drift boat crashed into trees and sank on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He has worked with Project Healing Waters in Montana, taking combat wounded disabled vets fly fishing on the Yellowstone River. His author-wife Buff and he live in Summer Haven, south of St. Augustine, with their Sheltie, Macduff.


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