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A trophy species more powerful and more violent than all the others! Under conservation for bluefin tuna and anchovies in the mid-2000s, the Bay of Biscay has become one of the best fishing spots for this species. Fishers who are lucky enough to be there at the right time can witness a feeding frenzy of the bluefin tuna. These phenomena result in the formation of surface chases which can be enormous. The ocean literally boils. A team of fishermen completely “mad” try to cactch these fish on the fly. 60 min.

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What a fisherman would not dream of taking a … “BlueFin Tuna On the Fly”. The objective of film is to follow the tracking of these exceptional fish along a fishing season …

There are few things in fishing that quite match the action of an all out saltwater blitz. This video shows us the action as some Mediterranean bluefin tuna blow up on schools of bait and these guys catch them on the fly!


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