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Fly Pattern discussion

The Book Mailer is currently working on Gary’s primary caddis patterns, the Emergent and Deep Sparkle Pupa’s, the Diving Caddis and the Dancing Caddis. We hope to have these stocked very soon. However this leaves about 95 other patterns developed by Gary LaFontaine and we know you have your favorites. Any comments will be taken into consideration for future pattern production. Please share your favorites and help shape the development of Gary’s fly patterns.


  1. Gregg

    I had made another typo, apologize, geez. The Diving Caddis worked so well in a local tailwater I had a fellow ask me, for the first time, if I would sell him some of those flies, of course I gave him what I could spare. This fly has solved problems I had no idea how to solve, wonderful pattern.

  2. Michael C. Meyers

    1. Gray Coughlin – His favorite over the Adams. Although it’s not actually his pattern, though.

    2. Halo Midge Emerger

    3. Halo Mayfly Emerger

    1. Gregg Martin

      Michael, ah, the holo midge emerger, how can I forget? Thanks.


      1. Gregg

        Halo midge emerger, big typo. Aplogize.

  3. Gregg Martin

    The airhead is an all time favorite in tannish yellow. It has brought fish, some pikeminnows with trout, from 9′ of water in a pool. Very innovative!


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