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the Book Mailer is an online retailer of Gary LaFontaine’s materials and flies and continues to feature new writing and film centered around fly fishing. We have a history starting in the 1980’s with the publications of Gary’s books and his crazy newsprint catalog, the Book Mailer. 


  1. Rob Henneke

    I have two new Stealth 4490 rods that I recently acquired from a shop in Washington state. I read your description of the rods from years past. They are superb rods. I understand that Gary LaFontaine designed the rods; who made the rods and where were they made? Thanks for your response.

    1. Cathy (Post author)

      Ron, the rods were made overseas however I can remember Gary working with the manufacturer. Setting up the taper, making sure the finish was non-glaring, choosing a butt style, asking for all that he thought a rod should be. And they are a powerhouse and very fun to cast. I hope you enjoy these immensely.

  2. James Dubisz

    I just ordered 5 packets of clear antron

    Please confirm shipping if US postal service – they will not deliver to the physical address I listed.

    Please change shipping to:

    PO Box 3649
    Alpine, WY 83128


    1. Mel Fielding (Post author)

      Hello Jim, the package is shipping US Mail to your Post Office Box. Thank you

      1. James Dubisz

        Oh great, thank you! I remember my first order 25 years ago, Gary put a personal note in my package explaining why his touch dubbing was pure antron and not mixed w’ fur as promoted in his video also featuring Jack Dennis and Mike Lawson, quite a guy to go through the effort of doing that said a lot about the man!

        Thanks for keeping this going.

  3. Steve Harvey

    Hello! I have been a dedicated fan of the Stealth rod (have two broke the first a couple years back). I am looking for a 6-weight. Any chance of finding one?


    1. Mel Fielding (Post author)

      Steve, there is a possibility that I can find one of these for you. Would you like me to confirm this? Cathy

  4. George

    Hello Cathy..are you still manufacturing the Stealth fly rods. And if so, is the 590 p taper available?


    1. Mel Fielding (Post author)

      Hello George, I can still find a 5wt Stealth Rod P taper if you are interested. Cathy

  5. geowzrd1

    I placed an order for the newest John Gierach Book (signed) on about March 23 but have not received it yet. Did you receive this order this order, or do I need to reorder?

    Jim Luppens

    1. Cathy Ransier (Post author)

      Hi Jim, your book is on its way and should be there any day now. We did run short but had autographed copies again in just a few days. Thank you very much for your order. Cathy

  6. Jon


    I just received my order. Thanks! It looks as if you are out of ginger in the touch dub and yarn as tam was substituted for both. The colors are definitely different that the ones I had received from you in the past.

    Are all of Gary’s books out of print?

    I went through your catalog and didn’t find any.


    Jon Lindemann


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